CSGO update : CSGO sẽ cho chơi miễn phí như DOTA2 và có thêm chế độ battle royal như PUBG

Nguồn chính thức từ Valve: http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2018/12/21530/

[CSGO – Danger Zone]
– Introducing Danger Zone, a fast-paced battle royale game mode built on CS:GO’s tactical gameplay. For more details, visit: www.counter-strike.net/dangerzone
– Danger Zone can be played solo, or in squads of two or three players.

– CS:GO is now free to play. For more details, visit the F2P FAQ.
– All players who played CS:GO before the Danger Zone update will receive a commemorative Loyalty Badge they can display on their profile.
– All current CS:GO Players have been upgraded to Prime Status
— Prime Status continues to match you with other Prime Status players
— Additionally, your Prime Status will give you access to the new Souvenir MP5-SD | Lab Rats (available by earning XP while playing Danger Zone matches) and the new Danger Zone case.

[Danger Zone Case]
– Introducing the Danger Zone Case, featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes, and the Horizon Knives as rare special items.

Valve cũng cung cấp khá nhiều tool cho cộng đồng tạo map Battle royal:

The amount of new entities is INSANE.

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There’s just so much new stuff to toy with!

If you want to load the map yourself offline:

game_type 6; game_mode 0; map dz_blacksite

if you want to load it from an already existing lobby / server, load a map and do:

game_type 6; game_mode 0; changelevel dz_blacksite

Here’s the cool entities so far:

dronegun               // turret
item_cash             // spawned cash
weapon_breachcharge       // similar to the Slam from HL2 in every point

weapon_hammer         // Melee weapons

weapon_diversion             // Decoy, Makes footstep sounds
weapon_frag_grenade         // Same as HE
weapon_firebomb           // Molotov, bigger radius, doesn't explode in the air

weapon_tablet       // Buymenu + Radar
weapon_c4        // Modified to fit the gamemode, same entity though... (why doing it differently compared to the diversion/firebomb? no idea...)

dz_door      // inherited from prop_door but for dz?
prop_weapon_upgrade_armor_helmet         // Kevlar + Helm
prop_weapon_upgrade_armor                 // Kevlar
prop_weapon_upgrade_helmet               // Helmet
prop_weapon_upgrade_chute                // Single use Parachute
prop_weapon_upgrade_tablet_highres           // Makes the tablet more precise

Careful those entities crash the game if they aren’t spawned in DZ due to preaching issues, so either switch to DZ, or precache the model yourself with vscripts / spawning the needed model in-game.

A map decompile and entity dump can be handy if you wanna find more.. I didn’t try to understand all the entities related to the gamemode itself such as spawns, drop positions etc.. just the most “important” ones that can benefit mappers and server owners not interested in making a DZ map. Still custom DZ maps ARE POSSIBLE! -2- So expect servers running custom maps in few months.

I’ll do some more research this week, and perhaps build a map template for this gamemode.

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EDIT: The csgo.fgd (hammer editor’s game entity definition file) has been updated to support the newest DZ related entities. However the workshop doesn’t support the gametype yet.

EDIT 2: Don’t tell me you haven’t seen it coming

Thanks a bunch Valve! Amazing update!



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