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Tower Defense

Tower Defense coming to CS:GO!

Defend you castle from Inviders, earn Gold to open the Weapon Case and upgrade your Castle!
How long can you survive? will you defeat all the bosses? will you team work?

How To Play?

Your goal is to protect your castle from the Inviders! Done let them invide your castle.
You gain Gold by killing Inviders, you can use the Gold to open the Weapon Case or upgrading your Castle at the shop.
Spending your Gold correctly is very important, so make sure you and your friends manage it correctly!

Shop Upgrades

 Clear your view field
 Bonus Gold per kill
 Health regeneration
 Weapon Case upgrade
 Frost Bomb ability
 +1% Weaker Inviders
 +1% Slower Inviders


1. What does Frost Bomb do?
To use the Frost Bomb ability, you have to purchase the ability at the shop first.
After doing that, you will receive a decoy, that will cost you some Gold to throw.
Every Invider that will touch the area of the decoy will become slower by 45%!
Upgrading that ability will lower the cost of every Frost Bomb, and make it last longer.

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2. How to get Gold?
Simply by killing Inviders. You can earn bigger amount of Gold per kill by upgrading ‘Bonus Gold’ at the shop.

3. Does the level become harder?

4. How many levels the map have?
In order to beat the map, you have to kill the final boss at level 100, but after doing it, Survival Mode will begin, and you will able to keep playing.

5. How can I get better weapons?
To get weapons, you have to open the Weapon Case at the Main Castle. You must have 1500 Gold in order to do it.
To be able to get better weapon from the Weapon Case, you need to upgrade it at the shop.

6. How many players can play that map?
There is no limit! You can invite as many friends as you want to help you survive longer! They even can join after you already started the game.

7. How can i know how much Gold i have?
By simply inspecting your weapon (By pressing F).

Special Thanks:

|Marca| – Minecraft Textures
Patriot_[GER] – Skybox Texture
eNnerGy – Minecraft Textures
DixiZ – Playtesting
Ross Bugden – Music
Make sure to check his YouTube Channel!

Please tell me about your ideas for the map / bugs that you found so we will be able to make the map better!
You can add me any time ;]



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