Test run server CSGO Super Hero :

Hướng dẫn cách chơi:

Vào server gõ lệnh sm_showmenu vào console để chọn Hero

Tùy theo mỗi HERO chúng ta sẽ phải bind nút để dùng skill +power1, +power2, +power3, khi ta chọn hero thì trên màn hình sẽ có hướng dẫn

ví du:

Ta chọn Super Saiyan thì bind thêm nút để chưởng kamekameha

bind mouse3 “+power1”



Link post gốc: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=300914

SuperHero Mod v1.07 for CS:GO


This is a port/remake of vittustorille SuperHero Mod for CS 1.6/CS:CZ

SuperHero mod is a mod where you gain experience and level up by killing your enemies. With each level, you are able to select a superhero and gain their power.



  • sm_shsetxp – Allows admins to set a players XP to a specified amount
  • sm_shaddxp – Allows admins to give add XP to their current XP
  • sm_shsetlevel – Allows admins to set a players level to a specified number


  • sm_help – Outputs all commands in console
  • sm_superherohelp – Outputs all commands in console
  • sm_herolist – Shows the list of available heros
  • sm_playerskills – Shows every player’s superhero info
  • sm_playerpowers – Shows every player’s superhero info
  • sm_playerheroes – Shows every player’s superhero info
  • sm_playerinfo – Shows every player’s superhero info
  • sm_myheroes – Shows the heros you have already chosen and the binds that you have already made
  • sm_clearheroes – Is used to erase all your heroes (in case you want to chose other heroes)
  • sm_clearpowers – Is used to erase all your heroes (in case you want to chose other heroes)
  • sm_clearskills – Is used to erase all your heroes (in case you want to chose other heroes)
  • sm_showmenu – Shows you the powers menu if you can choose new powers
  • sm_heroes – Shows you the powers menu if you can choose new powers
  • sm_heromenu – Shows you the powers menu if you can choose new powers
  • sm_drophero – Is used to remove a hero from your hero list in case you want another
  • sm_drop – Is used to remove a hero from your hero list in case you want another
  • sm_whohas – Shows you who has the named heroes in the current game
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  • superheromod_max_powers – 20 – Max amount of powers a player can have
  • superheromod_levels – (Value set in superhero.ini) – Amount of levels a player can have
  • superheromod_long_term_experience – 1 – Should XP be saved
  • superheromod_max_binds – 3 – Max amount of super power binds
  • superheromod_drop_alive – 0 – Drop power while alive
  • superheromod_headshot_multiplier – 1.5 – Amount of times points you should get for killing with a headshot
  • superheromod_start_experience – 0 – Amount of experience new players should get on their first join

Some Preview Vids:

 Hero List:
PHP Code:
Date Format: mm/dd/yyyy
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Anubis - See damage dealt and damage taken (Dark Notices)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Batgirl - Bat-Grapple hook. Zipline to aim (+POWER: Grapple Hook)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Black Panther - Vibranium soles that absorbs sound (Silent Boots)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Captain America - Random Invincibility, the higher level, the better chance (Super Shield)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Cyclops - Fire optic laser beams (+POWER: Optic Blast)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Daredevil - Rings around players (Radar Sense)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Dracula - Gain health by attacking players, more health per level (Vampiric Drain)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Flash - Run much faster with this hero (Super Speed)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Grandmaster - Revive a dead teammate after they die (Revive Dead)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Hobgoblin - Extra grenade damage/Refill grenades (Hobgoblin Grenades)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Morpheus - Lower Gravity/Dual MP7s/Unlimited MP7 Ammo (Dual MP7s) // Hope fully someone could be able to make this model (dual MP7 or dual MP5 models works just fine)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Mystique - Shapeshift into enemy (+POWER: Morph)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Punisher - Endless Bullets, no reload, keep shooting (Unlimited Ammo)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Shadowcat - Can walk through walls for a short time, get stuck = auto slain (+POWER: Walk Through Walls)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Spiderman - Shoot web to swing- Jump reels in, Duck reels out (+POWER: Web Swing)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Superman - More health, free armor, reduced gravity (Health/Armor/Gravity)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Wolverine - Auto-Heal, extra knife damage, speed boost with knife (Auto-Heal & Claws) // Model comming soon
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Xavier - Detect what team a player is on by glowing trail (Team Detection)
(Added: 9/3/2017) - Vash The Stampede - Deagle does more damage, evade by removing random hitzones (Revolver & Evasion) // Model comming soon
(Added: 9/4/2017) - Scorpion - Harpoon and drag opponents to you (+POWER: Get Over Here!)
(Added: 9/4/2017) - Super Sayian Gohan - Charge and release your kamehameha! (+POWER: Guided Kamehameha) (Updated: 9/6/2017)
(Added: 9/6/2017) - Yadrat - Teleport to your nearest enemy! (+POWER: Instant Transmission)

Core Changelog:



Everything in addons/sourcemod/plugins/ goes into plugins folder (Except the heroes you do not want)
Everything in addons/sourcemod/plugins/ goes into plugins folder
addons/sourcemod/configs/superhero.ini goes into configs folder
addons/sourcemod/gamedata/ folder is not needed, disabled agentzero hero because of coding related stuff (GetInaccuracy offset change)
Everything in addons/sourcemod/translations/ goes into addons/translations/
Everything in sound/superheromod/ goes into sounds folder (csgo/sound/superheromod/)
Everything in materials/superheromod/ goes into sounds folder (csgo/materials/superheromod/)NOTE: Superhero convars will be auto generated in csgo/cfg/sourcemod/superheromod/


  • Models for certain superheroes (Wolverine claws, Morpheus dual MP7)
  • Make it so that if you’re level 10, you can equip 1 lvl 10 hero, 2 lvl 9 heroes, 3 lvl 8 heroes and so on… (Could not make it work for some reason)
  • More heroes


  • Me
  • Vittu/Batman (Original 1.6 author for SuperHero Mod && Alot of heroes)
  • Yang (Original 1.6 author for Scorpion hero)
  • Sharky (Original 1.6 author for Vash the stampede hero)
  • Pelipoika (Help with coding stuff)
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  • If you find any bugs, add me and I will try to deal with it/them asap.
  • If you want to add any heroes to the github page, I’ll add them as long as they make sense.
  • If you do not know how to make a hero but you can do models, add me and I’ll make it happen
  • If you have any questions or problems making a super hero, feel free to add me (I would not suggest adding me if you’re creating a superhero without any programming experience at all)
  • If you set a server up with this mod, comment the IP of it and I will make a server list below this text


  • (Server CSGO Superhero Asia – Vietnam )




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