sm_advanced_admin_version - Show the plugin's version.

sm_advanced_admin_cmd_admins <def. 1> - Settings of "!admins" command. | 0 - Disable the command | 1 - Show always "No Admins online." | 2 - Show the online admins
(Hint: examples below at sm_admins command)

sm_advanced_admin_join_announce <def. 1> - Join announce if someone join the server, with country. | 0 - Disable | 1 - Enable 
(Example if enabled: PeEzZ connected (Hungary), or if can't request the country: PeEzZ connected)

sm_advanced_admin_invalid_message <def. 1> - Show give/equip invalid item. | 0 - Disable | 1 - Enable
(Example if enabled: You can joke with this. If you type sm_give Roberts Admin, and this cvar is enabled, then this shows for all players: "Roberts got this: Admin" - but nothing happens)

sm_advanced_admin_spawn_sound <def. "player/pl_respawn.wav"> - Teleport and respawn sounds. Leave blank to disable.
(Hint: Custom sounds not supported)

sm_advanced_admin_log <def. 1> - Enable the logging for plugin. | 0 - Disable | 1 - Enable
(Hint: The plugin logging into default sourcemod's log file)

Admin commands:

sm_extend <minutes> - Extending the map, ADMFLAG_CHANGEMAP 
(Example: sm_extend 5 - add 5 minutes to map | sm_extend -8 - subtract 8 minutes from map)

sm_clearmap - Deleting all dropped weapons from map, ADMFLAG_GENERIC
(Example: If you have lag by weapon dropping trolls, you can delete all weapon from on ground, the map placed weapons will be not deleted, also chickens will be deleted from the map)

sm_restartgame or sm_rg or sm_restartround or sm_rr <amount> - Restart the game, ADMFLAG_GENERIC
(Example: sm_rg 10 - Restarts the game after 10 seconds | sm_rg - Restarts the game immediately

sm_teleport or sm_tp <target 1> <leave blank for savedlocation | target 2> - Teleporting a player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_tp Bart PeEzZ - teleporting Bart to PeEzZ | sm_tp Bart - Teleporting Bart to your saved position)
(Hint: If you don't know: @me - always you | @t - terrorists | @ct - counter-terrorists | @spec - spectators | @alive - alive players | @dead - dead players | @all - all player | @aim - player, which you are looking at.
For teleport to the saved location, you need to use "sm_saveloc" first!)

sm_saveloc - Saving your position for teleporting, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_saveloc, walk elsewhere, sm_teleport @t - all terrorists teleported to your saved location)

sm_team <target> <TeamID | SPEC | SPECTATOR | T | CT> - Set team of player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_team Thomas t - Change Thomas's team to terrorist)
(Hint: if the target is alive, the command will kill him)

sm_spec <target> - Set player team to spectator, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_spec Nick - Set Nick's team to spectator)
(Hint: if the target is alive, the command will kill him)

sm_swap <target> - Swap player's team, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_swap David - If David's team is T, this will change his team to CT, or if he is CT to T | sm_swap @all - To swap all player)
(Hint: if the target is alive, the command will kill him)

sm_scramble or sm_balance - Scrambling the teams, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Hint: The command will restart the round)

sm_give <target> <leave blank for knife | weapon name | thing name> - Give weapons or something to player, ADMFLAG_BAN - (Available weapon names below)
(Example: sm_give Katie m4a1 - Give M4A1 for Katie | Or you can give fake/joke items for users: sm_give Katie Bacon - this just only say for clients "[SM] Katie got this: Bacon" if the cvar is enabled upper | sm_give @all - Give knife for all player)
(Hint: You can give anything, all invalid items will be ignored)

sm_equip or sm_melee <target> <leave blank for knife | weapon name | thing name> - Deleting all weapons from player and equip only one, ADMFLAG_BAN - (Available weapon names below)
(Example: sm_melee Andy - Equip knife for Andy | Or you can equip fake/joke items for users: sm_equip Andy Rem Cosplay - this just only say for clients "[SM] Andy equipped this: Rem Cosplay" if the cvar is enabled upper | sm_equip @ct ak47 - Equip AK47 for all counter-terrorist)
(Hint: You can give anything, the invalid items will be ignored)

sm_valid_weapons - Show valid giveable weapon names, ADMFLAG_GENERIC
(Hint: The command write the available weapon names into your console, available weapon names below)

sm_disarm <target> - Disarm a player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_disarm @t - Disarm all terrorist)

sm_bury <target> - Bury a player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_bury Zsolt - Zsolt will be buried)

sm_unbury <target> - Unbury a player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_unbury Valaki - Valaki will be unburied)

sm_speed <target> <amount> - Set speed of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_speed Tracer 1 - Set Tracer's speed to normal | sm_speed Tracer 2 - Set Tracer's speed to 2X | sm_speed Tracer 0.5 - Set Tracer's speed to half)

sm_respawn <target> - Respawn a player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_respawn @dead - Respawn all dead players)

sm_god <target> <0/1> - Set godmode of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_god July 1 - Give godmode for July | sm_god July 0 - Remove god from July)

sm_health or sm_hp <target> <amount> - Set health of player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_hp Albert 100 - Set Albert's hp to 100 | sm_hp Albert +100 - Give +100 health for Albert | sm_hp Albert -100 - subtract 100 hp from Albert)

sm_armour <target> <amount> - Set armour of player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_armour @alive 100 - Set all alive player armour to 100 | sm_armour @alive +100 - Give +100 armour for all alive player | sm_armour @alive -100 - subtract 100 armour from all alive player)

sm_helmet <target> <0/1> - Set helmet of player, ADMFLAG_KICK
(Example: sm_helmet @t 1 - Give helmet for all terrorist | sm_helmet @t 0 - Remove all helmet from terrorists)

sm_cash <target> <amount> - Set cash of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_cash @dead 100 - Set all dead player cash to $100 | sm_cash @dead +100 - Give +$100 for all dead player | sm_armour @dead -100 - subtract $100 from dead players)

sm_kills or sm_frags <target> <amount> - Set kills of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_kills Ginger 100 - Set Ginger's kills to 100 | sm_kills Ginger +100 - Give +100 kills for Ginger | sm_kills Ginger -100 - subtract 100 kills from Ginger)

sm_assists <target> <amount> - Set assists of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_assists Chew 100 - Set Chew's assists to 100 | sm_assists Chew +100 - Give +100 assist for Chew | sm_assists Chew -100 - subtract 100 assists from Chew)

sm_deaths <target> <amount> - Set deaths of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_deaths Vladimir 100 - Set Vladimir's deaths to 100 | sm_deaths Vladimir +100 - Give +100 death for Vladimir | sm_deaths Vladimir -100 - subtract 100 deaths from Vladimir)

sm_mvps <target> <amount> - Set MVPs of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_mvps Balazs 100 - Set Balazs's mvps to 100 | sm_mvps Balazs +100 - Give +100 mvp for Balazs | sm_mvps Balazs -100 - subtract 100 mvps from Balazs)

sm_scores <target> <amount> - Set scores of player, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_scores Stefan 100 - Set Stefan's scores to 100 | sm_scores Stefan +100 - Give +100 score for Stefan | sm_scores Stefan -100 - subtract 100 scores from Stefan)

sm_teamscores <TeamID | T | CT> <amount> - Set scores of team, ADMFLAG_BAN
(Example: sm_teamscores T 10 - Set terrorists wins to 10 | sm_teamscores T +15 - Give +15 wins for terrorists | sm_teamscores T -12 - subtract 12 wins from terrorists)

sm_spawnchicken or sm_sc <Zombie[0/1]> <Explode[-1-9999]> <Red[0-255]> <Green[0-255]> <Blue[0-255]> <Effect[0-3]> - Spawn a chicken to your aim position, ADMFLAG_GENERIC
(Example: sm_sc - spawn a simple chicken | sm_sc 1 - spawn a zombie chicken | sm_sc 0 -1 - spawn a normal chicken with god mode | sm_sc 0 500 - spawn a normal chicken with 500 damage explosion if it die | sm_sc 1 0 255 0 0 - spawn a zombie chicken with red aura | sm_sc 0 0 255 255 255 3 - spawn chicken with white, and pulseable aura)
Zombie section: 0 - normal chicken, 1 - zombie chicken
Explode section: -1 - chicken with godmode, 0 - normal chicken, everythning else greater than 0 is the explosion damage
Red section: Aura's red value between 0 and 255
Green section: Aura's green value between 0 and 255
Blue section: Aura's blue value between 0 and 255
Effect section: Aura's lighting style between 0 and 3, 0 - you can see through the wall, 1 - first pulse, 2 - simple, but can't see through the wall, 3 - second style pulse
Hint: If all color are 0, the aura is not visible. Remember, do not spam with this, or you have a risk to crash the server by too many entities, and do not spawn a chicken into another!
(Bug: Do not use my chicken spawner plugin if you have advanced admin plugin on the same server or the command will bugging!)

Non-Admin commands:

sm_admins - Show online admins
(Example: if the cvar upper is "0" - this say "Command disabled", if "1" - this say "No admins online.", if "2" - this say "Online admins: [A]Bart, [R]PeEzZ")
(Hint: Flags: [A] - have generic admin flag ADMFLAG_GENERIC, [R] - have root admin flag ADMFLAG_ROOT.)
For players have generic admin flag (ADMFLAG_GENERIC), this command always show the online admins.

Available weapon names:

new String: ValidItems[][] = //VALID WEAPON NAMES HERE
     "defuser", "c4", "knife", "knifegg", "taser", "healthshot", //misc
     "decoy", "flashbang", "hegrenade", "molotov", "incgrenade", "smokegrenade", "tagrenade", //grenades
     "usp_silencer", "glock", "tec9", "p250", "hkp2000", "cz75a", "deagle", "revolver", "fiveseven", "elite", //pistoles
     "nova", "xm1014", "sawedoff", "mag7", "m249", "negev", //heavy weapons
     "mp9", "mp7", "ump45", "p90", "bizon", "mac10", //smgs
     "ak47", "aug", "famas", "sg556", "galilar", "m4a1", "m4a1_silencer", //rifles
     "awp", "ssg08", "scar20", "g3sg1" //snipers

Plugin requirements:
– Latest, Stable SourceMod
– Adminmenu plugin, if you want to use the custom adminmenu: “adminmenu_custom.txt”
– Translation files (“common.phrases.txt”, “advanced_admin.phrases.txt”)

Xem thêm  [CS:GO] SuperHero Mod 2017

– The plugin may have bugs! If you found something, please report here!
– If you want to add some other commands, suggest and discuss here. (remember, it’s not wish list)
– Custom adminmenu file “adminmenu_custom.txt” is not needed, but optional.
– You can set admin activity chat messages in sourcemod’s config file “cfg/sourcemod/sourcemod.cfg” with “sm_show_activity” CVar.
– If your server’s default language is set to another, and this language is not exists for the plugin, you need to create a translation file for the plugin, or maybe you get some errors if you are use the plugin’s logging!
Besides that, if you are creating a translation for another languages, please submit here, thanks!

Suggested commands and known following updates:
– Nothing now.

(1.6.3, 2017.06.29, 11:53) – Chicken update
– Updated “sm_spawnchicken” command, now you can spawn zombie chicken
– Custom adminmenu updated (added custom chickens menu)
– Translation files updated
– Some line re-translate needed in Russian translation.

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