DayZ – Hướng dẫn Cài đặt server Private

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latest files are always available here

  1. use steamcmd to install arma2 and arma2oa into single folder using force_install_dir. or,copy paste them into same folder
  2. download the client (@dayz) and the server (@hive and mpmission)
  3. download the private server files and,place these onto the arma2 folder. do NOT copy the hive or mission as,this is older version than the dayz files above.
  4. start your working server. this includes a mysql server. you will have to connect to the server via mysqlworkbench and drop the old tables, exec the sql,files included in the dayz to create the new tables.

so, make SURE you are using the mpmission, @hive, All dlls, sql database schema from the current dayz downloads. i would edit the start.bat to remove the expansion from -mod as we are not using beta anymore

i made this video a few years ago


Original DayZ Private Server Files Pack



  • 100% Original DayZ files.
  • BattlEye’s latest bans and script detection.
  • Updated to the latest DayZ server files.
  • VERY EASY installation.


  • Client (1.8.7) – There is no support to run the client. This is intended for server use only!
  • Server & Hive files (1.8.7)
  • Beta patch (131129)
  • Latest mission file. (customization)


  • Latest Arma2 & Arma2 OA (Combined Operations)


  • Rocket, for making such a beautiful mod.


  • Server Pack 1.8.7 – 03/29/2016


1.8.7 – 03/29/2016 (latest)

*The most available version of the project will be on GitHub*.
DDL to the latest pack. (commits)
*Navicat Lite download*




  1. Q. I am getting “badcdkey” when I join the server how do I fix this?
    A. You could either buy the game or block port 29910.
    Q. What is the MySQL port?
    A. 3306.
    Q. What ports need to be forwarded?
    A. 2302 for UDP and TCP.
    Q. Do I need to insert my IP anywhere inside of the configs?
    A. No.
    Q. How will other players access the server?
    A. They will see it under SixLauncher, DayZCommander, etc. Players will also be able to see it under the in game server browser.

*If you have any questions about errors you get let me know.*



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